"A new game studio that will explore, innovate, entertain, and educate about blockchain gaming on Chromia"

A future where gamers
are in control

Imagine a future where games live forever, where players have a say in how games are developed, where the players have control, not just the controller.


Innovating and exploring decentralized gaming

Chromia is a relational blockchain, and a platform for public applications, created by ChromaWay, pioneers of blockchain since 2012.

Entertaining the players

Chromia Studios will publish its first title in Q4 2019. Chromia Studios has partnered with Workinman to develop a fast-paced mining game. 
Our second release will push the concept of public software even further. On-chain game logic, serverless infrastructure, and a community driven development process. We are planning a space-based MMO with strong economic elements, but we aim to involve the community at every step of the process so maybe it ends up completely different.


Educating the developers.

Chromia Studios also strives to educate: 

Game Developers

About how blockchain gaming works, how Chromia is a great platform for blockchain gaming.

Blockchain Developers

That blockchain gaming is much more than non-fungible tokens

How fast and easy it is to develop on a relational blockchain

How game logic can be on the blockchain

How public applications work

How new business models can be implemented


Do you want to be in control?

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